Who We Are


Who We Are

Teleion is a Seattle based, minority-owned company. From the moment our doors opened in 2008, we established ourselves as a firm that welcomes and initiates change. Our employees are empowered and engaged, resulting in high employee morale, motivation, and productivity. Our strong teamwork and cross-functional cooperation results in a win for our employees as well our customers.

We started our practice in Digital Marketing with a Fortune 10 customer -- one of the biggest search engines in the world. We quickly discovered that Marketing had high exposure in terms of privacy, personal identity, and security which led us to build out our Cyber Security and Compliance practice. Through our work in these two practice areas, we were working with big data before big data was cool. We knew that the next steps was building our Analytics and Insight capability to tie it all together. With a holistic approach we create fast, repeatable value for our customers.


How We Work

How We Work

We are fundamentally a team-led business. We care deeply about our employees because we know that
Teleion’s success comes from the people who work here every day. We’re an unusual collection of
people who lean in, dive deep, question the process, and propose new, creative ways of delivering
business results that delight our customers.

Growing Here Together

Have big aspirations to grow? We do too – we want to be the biggest regional consulting company in the
next 10 years. In order to grow our business, we focus on growing our people. Being a regionally-
focused company also means we don’t send our team members flying all over the country 5 days a
week. If you want to be a part of something here in the Pacific Northwest that is challenging, inspiring,
and driven from the ground-up, then Teleion might be the place for you.

Big, annual performance reviews? No thanks. High-performing, self-driven teams? Yes, please!
We stopped doing formal annual reviews because it became a bureaucratic burden and didn’t really
help team members progress in meaningful ways. Instead, we do frequent, short one-on-one
conversations to talk about goals, capabilities, and next steps. We use a coaching approach to grow our
team members, which means that it all comes down to self-identified goals and finding the right support
and opportunities to help people have the impact they want to in their career. We find stretch
assignments, mentoring, training, and job-shadowing opportunities for team members to explore,
expand, and develop.

Learning Fast

Growing fast means learning fast, together. We test our ideas against our strategy and uncover new
insights on a regular basis. Unlike other companies, where the voices that are heard are either the
loudest person in the room or the highest paid person in the room, Teleion believes every team
member’s voice counts and is imperative to our individual and company success.


A healthy, team-led culture depends on diversity, inclusion, and mutual respect. We believe diversity
promotes innovation, resiliency, and success. We know that it takes more than just posting “Diversity”
and “Respect” as corporate values on the wall – creating a culture of diversity and inclusion is an
ongoing effort that requires focus, practice, awareness, and feedback. We’re committed to open,
honest, transparent ways of working together that honors our differences and ignites the best of what
we each of us have to offer.


Who We Work With

Who We Work With